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Electric Conservatory Window Opener

There are a few electric window openers on the market that work well in conservatories but not all are equal. Things to make sure you look out for when choosing an autoimatic electric conservatory windown opener are the power option, 240v or 24v, can it be plugged in or does it need to be wired, can it be operated remotly via a control switch or remote control. Also important is the strength of the motor and if more than one can be used on larger windows. 

 The ACK4 from TOPP is a particularly popular window electric window opener for conservatories and orangeries where they can be used in conjunction with temperature control panels and rain sensors. These manage the temperature all day without the worry rain getting in when you are out of the house. With also a push/pull force of 300N and  240v or 24v options they make a great option for most situations.


Other examples of electric conservatory openers to consider would be: