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Welcome to the Conservatory Window Opener Blog. We hope to gather a range of useful information here about various types of manual, electric and automatic window openers that can be used in conservatories, orangeries and skylight windows on a pitched roofs.

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Articles Relating to Window Opener for Conservatories:

Good Conservatory Ventilation

Having A well ventilated conservatory is key to maintaining a comfortable & healthy environment that you can enjoy all year round. Remember it’s not just you that will wilt in hot weather, if you have plants in your conservatory, moisture in the roots will evaporate quickly in a hot conservatory and they will die.

1. Draw colder air into the conservatory.

If, for example, you have a south facing conservatory adjoining a north facing room, you should draw air in from the bottom of windows in this room to get a good draught of cooler air flowing into the conservatory.


Electric Conservatory Window Opener

There are a few electric window openers on the market that work well in conservatories but not all are equal. Things to make sure you look out for when choosing an autoimatic electric conservatory windown opener are the power option, 240v or 24v, can it be plugged in or does it need to be wired, can it be operated remotly via a control switch or remote control. Also important is the strength of the motor and if more than one can be used on larger windows. 

What is a Screwjack

The traditional window opener or screwjack is threaded brass rod that when twisted using an opener pole or handle extends to open your window or roof vent.

Screwjacks are particularly popular in conservatories, orangeries and skylight windows on a pitched roof but are also used in other situations such as flat roof vents and low level windows on a vertical wall.

Traditional Window Opener

Traditional Window Openers also know as a screwjacks are a manual window opener that is popular in conservatories and other high windows.

They can be used in a varity of situations to improve natural ventilation.